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    Roy Orbison

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F                      Dm     F                    Dm  
You're the figure of a woman, you're the mind of a child
Bb       Gm    F
A pretty whirlwind
                                Dm    F                          Dm  
You don't know just what you're doing when you lure me with your smile
Bb       Gm    F
A lovely whirlwind

F                   Dm    Bb                 C7
A whirlwind, warm desire, Whirlwind, burning fire 
F         Dm            Bb          C7         F
Woman, realize that the devil in disguise is a whirlwind

Ab                       F 
Born to be running wild and free
Dm         Bb                             G
Whirlwind, born to make fools of guys like me

You pick me up like a whirlwind
You put me down like a whirlwind
G                      C           C7 
Each time you touch me I'm trouble-bound

F                  Dm
Whirl, whirl, whirlwind
F                  Dm
Whirl, whirl, whirlwind
Bb  C7 F  

by: Jos? Duarte
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