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From: Dan Nicholas 
CRD: Return of the Red Baron  by  The Royal Guardsmen

Return Of The Red Baron
By The Royal Guardsmen
Words and music by J.L. McCullough P. Gernhard and J.Y. McCullough
Transcribed by Dan Nichoals

This was the sequel hit to the hit "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron"....
The only record I have it on now is the Gold Series label from Quality Records
Side 2 QGT 071X
Side 1 is Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.

               Return Of The Red Baron

Heh  heh  heh heh  It's Hossy again, try and find Snoopy

G                                C
You remember that baron flying high in the sky
     G                          D
But Snoopy shot him down with a gleam in his eye
          G                          C
But that German had leaped from his blood red plane
D                           G
Just before it burst into a ball of flame.

Snoopy circled back to check his kill
Saw that Bloody Red Baron standin high on a hill
Then he swooped down low, shouted, "Curse you Red Baron!"
The German shook his fist, you could hear him swear, "Austiriba"

G                                               D
Hey watch out there Snoopy, you're really in a mess
     C                                   D
You thought you were through with That Bloody Red Baron
        C                        G
But it looks like he's not down yet

Then a cry went up all over the land
The Bloody Red Baron would strike again
But brave little Snoopy shouted, "Never Fear"
As he headed for his plane all the people cheered...  "Yea...."



Snoopy blazed a trail stright across the sea
Searchin' in vein for his enemy
Then he found that German trying to fix his plane
Sweatin' and a bustin' bout to go insane


Snoopy landed for a pistol duel
The Baron was worried Snoopy was cool
He fired a shot then started to run
Before Snoopy had a chance to raise his gun

CHORUS  Hey watch out Red Baron Snoopy is on your trail
        One of these days he's gonna make you pay
        & you'll go straight to

CHORUS  Well watch out red Baron Snoopy is on your trail
        One of these days he's gonna make you pay
        & you'll go straight to .....

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