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Perhaps I Suppose
2001 Militia Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bb -   x13331
F -    133211
Gm -   355333
Eb -   x68886
Bb/D - x587xx
F/A -  x032xx


Part 1: Gm--F/A-Bb-Eb--F x2

Part 2: Gm--Eb x4

Verse 1:
Gm (355333@1)F/A (x03211@1)   Bb (x1333x@1)      Eb (x43121@3) i sit and hear you sleep
       Fi (133211@1)dont want to go
Gm (355333@1)     F/A (x03211@1)   Bb (x1333x@1) you're there beside me
Eb (x43121@3)         F (133211@1) but you're so far away
Gm (355333@1)F/A (x03211@1)   Bb (x1333x@1) i talk to you
Eb (x43121@3)    F (133211@1) while you're asleep
Gm (355333@1)  F/A (x03211@1)        Bb (x1333x@1) you can't hear a word
Eb (x43121@3)        F (133211@1) you can't hear everything

Gm (355333@1)        Eb (x43121@3)             Gm (355333@1) tears are feelings we cant say
           Ebtears (x43121@3)mean that you care
Gm (355333@1)        Eb (x43121@3) tears are mixed emotions
Gm (355333@1)        Eb (x43121@3) tears are more than tears

Verse 2:
Gm-Bb-Bb/D    Bb
          the pooring rain
Eb F
   from my eyes
Gm-Bb-Bb/D Bb       Eb
           means to much
   Fto (133211@1)keep inside
Gm (355333@1)F/A (x03211@1)   Bb (x1333x@1)      Eb (x43121@3) i sit and watch you leave
   Fmy (133211@1)life forever
Gm (355333@1)F/A (x03211@1)          Bb (x1333x@1)    Eb (x43121@3) i know you'll be gone so long
   Fmy (133211@1)last words are nothing

Gm (355333@1)    F/A (x03211@1)    Bb (x1333x@1) and i tell you i care
Eb (x43121@3)  F (133211@1) and nothing more
Gm (355333@1)      F/A (x03211@1)   Bb (x1333x@1) i can't say how i feel
Eb (x43121@3) F (133211@1) so i cry

(Repeat Chorus)

         its the light
         behind the shadow
         that sacred face
         behind the mask

Interlude: Gm--F--Gm--Bb-F/A x4

(Repeat Chorus)

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