• Song:

    As In Happy

  • Artist:

    Rufus Wainwright

   / Rufus Wainwright      /  I found this little golden nugget on youtube, and
  / As In Happy           /  I had to transcribe it. This is definitely one of
 / Live at the Fillmore  /  Rufus' most honest song. The lyrics are so clever
/_______________________/  in their simplicity and equivocal.

This is a song designed for a piano, and so are these chords.
If you're a pianist, check out my full guitar pro note for the song, which is
designed for piano and is fit for printing:


| F#/C# | F#/C# | F#/C# | F#/C# |

||: F#/C# | F#/C# | Cdim7 | Cdim7 |

                           1.                 2.
| B6 | B6 | C#7 | Fdim/Eb | Fdim | Fdim/Eb :|| Fdim |

| F#sus4(add9) | F#sus4(add9) | Fdim |

| Ebm | F#/C# | Abm/B | Ebm/Bb | B |

| C#sus4 | C#7 |

| G#m/D# | A#7/D | D#sus4/A# | D#m/A# |

| C#7sus4 | F# | F# |

Wish I could be more less
Wish I could be less more
Underneath the dress is a gun pointed at the floor
Wish I could be less me
And a little more like you
And finally confess to all the things that you make me do

Oh, I've been saying all I can today
And nothing seems to make me gay

Maybe the critic was right
And my work is just therapy
Or maybe she was wrong
And on the rag feeling slightly icky
And maybe I would rather just be on speed
Or perhaps it would help if I had the right to get my sad ass married

Oh, I've been saying all I can today
And nothing seems to make me gay
As in happy

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 23rd /March /09
Just mail me at Maitinin@gmail.com with questions, comments and corrections!
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