• Song:

    Last Cup Of Coffee

  • Artist:

    Rufus Wainwright

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Thom Myer 

B          E        B        E                B    
I've got a hankrin' sometin' going to happin' i may be wrong but than 
again i may be right.
B               E            B                  E                          
There must be a reason that i have been hangin' around for so long in
this godamn cafe all night.
B                B7              E                        Em                
I sat and fliped yesterdays news refilled my cup of coffee over and over
         B        F#         
and over and over for you dear.
B                     B7                  E                     
Oh i've let them play all through the day as he reveals his arm tatoos
Em                     B        F#                B
over and over and over and over nothings over not along to.             

I've done my best to decipher his lyrics correctly; at least the chords are proper.
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