• Song:

    Respectable Dive

  • Artist:

    Rufus Wainwright

  • Album:

    Out Of The Game

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   / Rufus Wainwright  /  Since this is one of his piano-based songs, the guitar
  / Respectable Dive  /  is not very audible on this recording. Therefore I'm
 / Out of the Game   /  not sure about the voicings, but this sounds like the
/___________________/  way Rufus would play it on guitar :)

     G (320003@1)  B7 (x21202@1)Cmaj7 (x32000@1)Cm7   D7 (xx0212@1) A7 (x02020@1)Abmaj7 (xx4321@3)D7#5  G7 (320001@1) Em (022000@1)C/E (x3111x@5)F#/E  B7#9

Intro:     | G| (320003@1)- | - | - |

Verse:     | G| (320003@1)- | B7| (x21202@1)- | Cmaj7| (x32000@1)Cm7 | D7| (xx0212@1)- |

| G | - | A7 | - | Cmaj7 | Abmaj7 | D7 | D7#5 |

"Let's meet in a respectable dive
 On the somewhat safe street
 And have a beer
 We've both kept our eyes on the ball
 We know the lyrics to them all
 These songs of fear"

Chorus:   ||: G | - | G7 | - |

| Em | C/E | F#/E :||

| G | B7#9  A7 | Abmaj7 | G | G |

"And baby I love you
 And I do not want to lose you
 But I'm not able to put my cards on the table
 And if you only knew of the hand that I'm holding
 You would be blushing
 And I am so far from bluffing
 In this respectable dive


"I know that we never play cards or write postcards
 When we're both in the same town
 But still I remember some notes on the kitchen counter
 Back from work I've found"


Outro:   ||: G | - | G7 | - :|| (repeat till fade out)

"Baby I love you
 And I do not want to lose you
 Baby I love you
 And I do not want to lose you"

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 7th /May /12
Just mail me at Maitinin@gmail.com with questions, comments and corrections!
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