My first submission. I had no choice, the other "chords" for this song are so wrong, and
is my all time favorite band. - J.


B (x2444x@1)                                      DCan't (xx0232@1)stay at home, can't stay at school
B (x2444x@1)                                DOld (xx0232@1)folks say, ya poor little fool
B (x2444x@1)                                    DDown (xx0232@1)the street I'm the girl next door
BI'm (x2444x@1)the fox you've been waiting for

F# (244322@1)               AHello (x02220@1)Daddy, hello Mom
         B (x2444x@1)         E (022100@1)BI'm (x2444x@1)your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb
F# (244322@1)                 AHello (x02220@1)world I'm your wild girl
         B (x2444x@1)         E (022100@1)B (x2444x@1)         EI'm (022100@1)your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

B (x2444x@1)                                   DStone (xx0232@1)age love and strange sounds too
Come on baby let me get to you
Bad nights cause'n teenage blues
Get down ladies you've got nothing to lose




( Modulates to  "C#" )

C# (x43121@1)                            EHey (022100@1)street boy whats your style
Your dead end dreams don't make you smile
I'll give ya something to live for
Have ya, grab ya til your sore

G# (xx1114@1)               BHello (x2444x@1)Daddy, hello Mom
         C# (x43121@1)        F# (244322@1)C#I'm (x43121@1)your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb
G# (xx1114@1)                 BHello (x2444x@1)world I'm your wild girl
         C# (x43121@1)        F# (244322@1)C# (x43121@1)       F#I'm (244322@1)your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb

C# (x43121@1)       F#cherry (244322@1)bomb     X4

Cherry Bomb

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