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Runrig - Tear down these walls


G, Em, D, G, Em, D
G, Em, D, C, G

G                     D              Em  Bm
In the slipstream of luck and democracy
C            G                D   C  D
A victim of chance and geography
G             D                    Em   Bm
I reap and I sow the face of the earth
C                    G              D          G
While big guns play games with the land of my birth
G              D                   Em  Bm
I walk these hills and I sail the seas
C                    G            D   C D
I've weathered the storms of history
G           D                 Em   Bm
Created to live, created to share
C                     G         D           G
With the fish of the sea, the birds of the air

C                Em
Tear down these walls
     C                 G
All men were born the same
C                   Em
You came here with nothing
      C          D
But naked and a name
A name
 G     C         G
Tear down these walls
           D           G    
They keep raising for you

Outro/Bridge: G, Em, D, (repeated) 
              C, G

[Same chords as the first]

I'm not too hot on Dukes or Earls or Graces
But I love respect and exalted places
Give me the people with sod on the knee
The higher the monkey climbs the more he reveals


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