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Bb          Eb
Face to the ground 
I'm not proud 
Bb                Eb
Of all You must see 
When You look at me 
Cm            Eb
I tremble at first 
As You wash the dirt 
The dirt from my feet 
    Eb         F        Eb
And I see my need for Thee 

Bb           Eb
You lift me up 
      Bb         F
Holy One, Holy One 
Bb           Eb
When I but come 
         Bb              F
You're enough, You're enough 
Cm         Eb
You fill me up 
            Bb              F
With Your love, with Your love 
Cm       Eb
To You I run 
      Bb         F
Holy One, Holy One 

(Same as verse 1)
All other noise fades away 
Like all of the fear 
When your voice I hear 
You're beckoning me 
To come and just be 
A child at Your feet 
Seeing my need for Thee 


         Cm        Eb
You're enough to satisfy 
              Bb                 F
When the the world has left me only dry 
  Cm               Eb
Enough to save my life 
           Bb                F        Eb
When the world has left me here to die

(Chorus x2)
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