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Undo by Rush Of Fools  before you play the song i've put the way you play each 
chord at the bottom so look at it first.
Capo 2nd fret

C                   B     AM   
I've been here before, now here I am again

C                  AM    B
Standing at the door, praying you'll let me back in

F               G                  
To label me a prodigal would be

C                                  F                     G
only scratching the surface of who i've been known to be


C                        AM
Turn me around, pick me up

F                   G
Undo what i've become

C                        AM
Bring me back to the place

F                      G 
of forgiveness and grace

C                        AM
I need you i need your help

F                   G
I cant do this myself

         C    AM             F 
Your the only one who can undo

G               C AM F G 
What i've become

V2-same chords as V1



EM              F   
Make every step lead me back to

EM           F        G 
The soverign way that You


Im 99% sure this is the way that they play this song so have fun.

Chords:  C    B    AM     F     G    EM
         0    0    0      0     3    0
         1    1    1      1     3    0
         0    0    2      2     0    0
         2    0    2      3     0    2
         3    2    0      3     2    2
         x    x    x      x     3    0
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