• Song:


  • Artist:

    Russ Lee

  • Album:

    The Second Mile

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G                 C        Cadd9
Kneeling on a hill, I watch and pray
G                         C              Cadd9
Long ago you told me, it would all turn out this way
G                        C      Cadd9
The world is spinning fast, the end is near
G                              C       Cadd9
Love and understanding like time, just disappear
D                                G
Those that live in you are not afraid
C                                   D    
Longing for the moment, waiting for the day

E                               Bm7
When suddenly, above the eastern sky,
You will come without a warning
 Asus                  Em
And bring me to your side
E                                 D
Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye
Bm7                 Asus
Like an angel I will fly,
Bm7                Asus
To my everlasting life


G                    C      Cadd9
Though we're living in the final days
G                     C      Cadd9
Hearts are growing cold, as good men fall away
G                      C      Cadd9
You told us in your Word what we should do
G                         C
To set our hearts on things above, 
And keep our eyes on you
D                                G
'Cause those who look to you are not afraid,
C                                                 D
We're longing for the moment, we're living for the day
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