• Song:

    Phenomenal Woman Live

  • Artist:

    Ruthie Foster

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C5      -       G5            F5
 I walk into a room just as cool as you please
C5      -     G5                     F5 
 And to a man the fellas stand And fall down on their knees.
C5      -         G5                F5                  F5
 Then they swarm around me Like a hive of honey bees,
                    F5    -     C5 
I say, "It's in the fire in my eyes,
    F5     -     C5
The flash of my teeth,
    F5     -     C5
The swing of my waist,
The joy in my feet."

      C5     G5            F5      F5
I'm a woman  Phenomenal woman.
      F5     G5             C5     G5
I'm a woman. Baby, that's me.

           Bb5          C5
It's in the arch of my back,
    Bb5        C5
The sun of my smile,
    Bb5         F5
The ride of my breast,
    Bb5          Bb5      ?      ?
The grace of my style. (key changes here - up two steps)

D5      -     A5      G5
 Now you understand Just why my head's not bowed.
D5      -      A5             G5
 I don't shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud.
D5          -         A5           G5                     G5
 But when you see me passin', It oughta make you proud.
                G5     -     D5
I say, "It's in click of my heels, 
    G5     -    D5
The bend of my hair,
    G5     -    D5
The palm of my hands, 
    G5                  G5
The need for my care."

             D5      A5           G5             
'Cause I'm a woman  Phenomenal woman.
       D5    A5              D5
 I'm a woman. Baby, that's me.
            D5     -    A5
 Its in the palm of my hands
 and the need for my care

Phenomenal, phenomenal
Phenomenal woman

baby, baby, baby, baby
that's me
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