• Song:

    Arkham Asylum

  • Artist:

    Ryan Adams

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A5                  G5            
Where Juanita lays, I am kneeling to pray
In a cemetery on a Sunday Easter morning
Well he finally got out and he got her, he left her body where he found her
A5                              D5
At a truck stop behind a diner after hours behind a counter

B5                  D5
And Arkham Asylum has walls to keep us safe
A5                           E5
Life just ain't designed to prevent every mistake
B5                                D5     
And every lock has its key and nobody ever really sleeps
      A5               G5        
Up in Rockingham Estates

A5                  D5
Rockingham , Rockingham Estates
Rockingham , Rockingham Estates

(same chord progression throughout)
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