• Song:

    Ashes And Fire

  • Artist:

    Ryan Adams

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Tabbed by: motimon3

Tuning: Standard

Capo 3rd fret


G5 - 320003

C5 - 332010

E5 - 022000

Listen to the song for the rhythm and hammer ons..

G5        C5             G5
As he stared past the fire,
G5                         E5              C5     G5
His hunger to leave well it gnawed his poor heart alive,

    C5                 G5             C5       G5            C5               G5
Her skin smelled like black cherry, blossom perfume, the sail boats they all

       D5           C5         G5
sailed by... and a river she cried.


G5                         C5                      G5
and the wind was suddenly sweeter than Roosevelt pine,
G5                             E5              C5            G5                  
The windows broke out and the cigarette smoke was drifting by,
    C5           G5           C5                G5         C5            G5      
The bums on the bowery were swallowed in the lights as cars rumbled by in the

D5        C5                      G5
night... screaming run for your life.

     E5           C5   G5          E5             C5       G5       E5   
With cool and silvery eyes and a heart that was fit for desire, drowned in a 

C5        G5          C5         G5          C5          D5                C5
river of tears oh a river she cried left her with a heart... made of ashes

and fire.

Play G for one bar then 
Repeat chords for chorus

Then repeat:



E5  C5         G5       G5 
    Ashes and fire         (repeat x3)
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