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    Ryan Adams

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Ryan Adams - Halleluja

Dunno why this is not already in here, but it doesn't seem to be and it's a fine song.

Standard tuning.

Chords used are very basic, if you want to make it more fun alternate between the normal 
something similar to this, check out the way Ryan plays in life on 
for reference. I won't write out the detail work, if you know how it's done
you'll figure it out yourselves.

    A        E5      B/A
e --0--    --0--    --0--|
B --5--    --7--    --7--|
G --6--    --9--    --8--|
D --7--    --9--    --9--|
A --0--    -(7)-    --0--|
E --X--    --0--    --X--|

E, B, A A few times, end on F#m

I've been a desperate man
I've been sheltered by a lonely dream
There's a stranger here
Looking back above the bathroom sink
Every night I throw you out
Leave you stranded on the boulevard
You know that I use you up
I used you like I used 'em all

                          E    B   A
Well the band's singing hallelujah
      E B A
      C#m B A
You're all gone
Yeah, you're all gone.

(verse chords)
If I could have a simple love
How would it feel and what would it mean?
I'd only trade you away
For Mary Magdalene
Oh, it wouldn't make me a saint
And it wouldn't make me the king
And I wouldn't have to wait
Wait around for the real thing


(one of the best slide guitar solos I've heard)

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