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Ryan Bingham
Dylan's Hard Rain
Album: Roadhouse Sun

On the C chord Ryan is doing a boom-chicka-boom feel on the D string with the 
pinky. Listen to the song and its obvious.

I'm a homeless man with my thumb in the wind
I sure miss my kin, but then again
I'm on the road with a song for you

I took a step, I lost the bet
They cut off my tongue now they're full of regret
Careful what you say, if they ain't gonna listen anyway

Just make the cash, bet on the past
Everybody's so afraid to be last
You can't take back everything you leave behind

G                C            Am        F     C
Is everybody so ashamed, for letting it all slide
G                C           Am      F     C            G
Is everybody so afraid, Mr. Dylan's hard rain, is fair warning

On a shake down, in the alley
Breakin' people's faces gonna start you up a rally
I've never seen a day in the sun with a gun
That's loaded for you

There's some hippies, in the back room
Rockin' and a rollin' and a smokin' to an old tune
Someone took a guitar and a match, and set peace on fire

Hey my brother, what is wrong
You lost all your money on the corner rollin' bones
Give him your cash mother fucker, he's too fast for you


On the T.V. there's a white man
Too much make-up on his wife with God's plan
I guess the religous vote, made it to congress

On the border of Tijuana
People are growin truck loads of marijuana
Maybe someday our friends can be American farmers

There's a necklace, in the south
A few hopeless people still hanging it around
The wind is gonna cut you down, in the long run


So can we save us, from today
The hands of the wretched are the one's getting paid
Everything stays the same, if you don't change it

And all the dreams, will bust at the seams
It all goes down in the mighty machine
You don't care know, but someday you might need it
I heard the whistle, start a blowin'

Then I saw the mountain in the back come a-tumblin
G                                             C
Everybody's wishin' the could get, out of the way
G                                                         C (one strum line)
Everydody's wishin' they could dig their ass out of the grave.  

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