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Here's the version from the album Mescalito
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Intro/Verses: ||: C#m Ab A E :||

Every time I turn around
The mans trying to get me down
I just cant see your face
Im blinded by the sun
Im living on the run
And I cant remember this place

Chorus: ||: B  A  E  F#m  Abm  E :||
Wont you take me to the other side?
Let me go run and hide
Wont you take me to the other side, pretty mama
On the wind wont you let me ride

I better slow down before I wreck
Im driving on the rivers edge
My mama says to come back home
But I cant keep running fast
Burning up the years grass
On Uncle Sams dirt road

(Repeat Chorus)

(Instrumental on the verse and Chorus)

Cowboys your given name
Nothing ever stays the same
Cept the rain falling down
You cant keep from goin
No the wind is always damn cold
Its time to put the hammer down

(Repeat Chorus x2)
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