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Ryan Cabrera - Mirage
Tabbed by: "denisbanana"

This is my first tab, but I think it sounds pretty close to the song.
In any case, proceed with caution!! :P Gimme a shout, I welcome criticism :)

The strum pattern's pretty simple to figure out, just listen to the song.

   G   Am    C   Bm    D    Cadd9  

Capo 2nd fret

G Am C G (repeat)

[Verse 1]
G                     Am          C               G
I feel the wind as it carries me, above, above my soul,
G                     Am                 C                          G
into a land that I've always dreamed of, a world where we all could soar,
Am          Bm     Am             Bm
it's a waterfall, i can taste it all, 
Am                C
with everydrop of rain
          Cadd9               D
I brought life to a picture I saw,

So come stay the night,
Am              C       D
your welcome as long as you don't burn 
out the light
Am              C               D        
the candle I've been keeping on my mantle
G                        Am
so your safe at night, I can't deny
C         D              G       Am    C
I've been waiting all my life to find, oh yeah 
D                        G
I've been waiting all my life

etc. etc.
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