• Song:

    Lost In You

  • Artist:

    Ryan Oshaughnessy

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A            F#m       D  E
I should have bought you a rose
             A F#m                   D  E
But I wasn't thinking, no
         A            F#m             
When the nerves crept inside,
  D                  E                   
I found them to hard to hide that night.
A            F#m       D  E

same for every verse and Chorus...

C          D                     A 
Through my mind my thoughts keep spinning around
They're tellin' me there's plenty more in the sea,
Well I've dived the deepest and I can't hold my breath much longer
    A    F#m 
See I've found,
    A       F#m
That life's bound
    A  F#m
To get you
D        E
When you least expect it to.

Then Back to A F#m D E
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