• Song:

    Lost In You

  • Artist:

    Ryan Oshaughnessy

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A5            F#5       D5  E5
I should have bought you a rose
             A5 F#5                   D5  E5
But I wasn't thinking, no
         A5            F#5             
When the nerves crept inside,
  D5                  E5                   
I found them to hard to hide that night.
A5            F#5       D5  E5

same for every verse and Chorus...

C5          D5                     A5 
Through my mind my thoughts keep spinning around
They're tellin' me there's plenty more in the sea,
Well I've dived the deepest and I can't hold my breath much longer
    A5    F#5 
See I've found,
    A5       F#5
That life's bound
    A5  F#5
To get you
D5        E5
When you least expect it to.

Then Back to A5 F#5 D5 E5
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