• Song:

    Saturday Night Blues

  • Artist:

    Ryan Toohey

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e | -0-0-0---------0-0-0- 
B | -0-0-0-2s3p0-0-0-0-0- 
G | -1-1-1---------2-2-2- 
D | -2-2-2---------2-2-2- 
A | -2-2-2---------0-0-0- 
E | -0-0-0--------------- 
E5 , G5 , D5 , A5 
E5           G5              D5                 A5  
I was alive, I was alive when the morning let go of the moon 
E5              G5               D5                         A5 
Coz I could reside I could reside to your side with no more left to lose 
E5                G5                  D5                               A5  
You tried to confide, tried to confide all your thoughts but no lies to yourself amuse 
E5           G5           D5         A5 
Im not as full of the grace as you presume 

E5          G5            D5                        A5 
I dunno why, I dunno why I lied but you were somethin I couldn't lose 
E5            G5              D5                     A5  
Hey baby did I, baby did I say or do something you could not excuse 
E5                G5                 D5                     A5 
you made me think somethin, that perhaps I could never think again 
E5             G5                      D5           A5 
but in my head now I'd probly be somewhere, I surely did not intend 
E5              G5                 D5                            A5 
So what if i tried, what if i tried to concede to the thoughts that would conclude 
E5              G5                 D5                        A5 
that it was a lie, baby will I know somethin you were tryin to prove 
E5                  G5                D5              A5 
parked in your drive way, with no more than a surf mag to peruse 
E5                G5                  D5              A5 
It all came clear now, I needed a beer, to ignite my saturday night blues 
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