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It's been a long time since I've heard the original recording, but I always play 
this on the fourth fret..so Capo 4


E--3-----------------------------------------------|   x2

G       D    D7        G
I am a lovesick gentleman
              D               D7       G
who pines and pines over the smallest things
             D           D7          G
most of them are truly inconsequential
            D        D7    
they are inconsequential things


C         D                     G
so I'll write you the longest letter
                 Em                       Am
describing my feelings and other stupid things
C               D   
i'll cross my fingers that your heart melts
and you look at me, and tell me
Em                        Am          D
"darling, where have you been?"

i am an uncool canadian kid
awed and inspired by all the popular guys
most of them are truly irresponsible
they do irresponsible things


but i'm just a heart broke gentleman
a gentleman never seems to get gentle women
I need a small town girl 
to follow me home and teach me how to be a real man

G       D D7   G
i Am a gentleman
    D        D7     G
an old soul gentleman
    D     D7         G
a plain jane gentleman
D               D7           G
hold-the-door-for-you gentleman
D              D7     G
a stupid born gentleman
D               D7          G
a gentle, gentle, gentleman.
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