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    Sainthood Reps

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Tuning Half-step Down

F#m in intro and verses is 044200, play 244222 in chorus
D/A x00230 maybe they play x02230, not sure on this chord

Intro: F#m E A
       F#m E D/A

eb | ------------------------------------ | 
bb | ------------------------------------ | 
gb | -----6br---------6------6-----(b9)7-6- | 
db | ---7-----(b9)6---6------7---(b9)6------- | 
ab | -(b9)----------(b9)-----(b9)-------------- | 
eb | ------------------------------------ | 

        F#m            E                D/A
This is traditional misfiring at its finest
        F#m            E                D/A
There?s nobody left to fight for our side and
  F#m         E      A
All my enemies are at my back door
  F#m         E       D/A
All my friends are at my back door

A E F#m E


F#m           E               Bm
I welcomed them in with open arms
       F#m                        E                          D/A
so they drew their guns from their belts and walked right in
       F#m               E               A
They laid me by the fire to watch me dry my eyes out
 F#m                         E                      D/A 
Because we?re just soldiers looking for a war to fight

A              E                   Bm                   F#m
I saw a hunter crawling out in the distance, he?s tired, his legs are tied
       C#m       G               F#m
He?s dehydrated, drowning in the well
A                 E
Gasoline fields in my backyard
        Bm                      F#m
They?re cavernous, bridgeless and unbound
    C#m               G                F#m
Their ruinous remains will mark all our graves

interlude riff again

 F#m                E                    B#m
I don?t have much to tell the travelers down the road
              F#m           E                 A         
cause they just stopped by looking for a place to rest
    F#m                  E
And they?ll disappear when morning comes
Shadows on the landscape block the sun
F#m                        E                  D/A
cause this isn?t where they wanted to be found

(The rest is just the same stuff)
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