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    Sam Brooker

Chillin Chords by Sam Brooker

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: C D F C
       C D F C C

C                        D                      F                       C
Hot haze and lazy days.  Cool Drink of Summer.  Ten Toes burried in the sand

C                         D                 F                         C
Sippin' on coco nuts with paper umbrellas.  No place to be no speaicl plans

C                       D       F                  G 
Ya thats the life In my dreams. Paradise.  You and me ya ya

C           Em            F               G 
I'm chasing the blue skys I'm heading for love

C        Em          F          G
I've got nothing but good times coming along

C                Em            F                Fm
Watch your plans go up in smoke as we kick back take it slow

C               Em            D                  F             G
There's nothing I'd rather do than spend my life just chillin' with you

Repeat for second verse

Strumming verse: dddddudu
Strumming for chorus: dddu
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