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Send Me Some Lovin':Sam Cooke.
#2 on R&B charts, #13 on Rock charts 
in 1963. (In 1957 Little Richard hit
the R&B charts with this song at #3.
It only made it to #54 on the Rock charts.)
**(This is the Sam Cooke version which is
   a lot slower than Little Richard's.)
G7           C                 Dm7
Send me some lovin', send it I pray.
G7                                   C   F C
How can I love you, when you're far away?

G7               C                    Dm7
Oh, send me your picture, send it, my dear.
G7                                    C   C7
So I can hold it, and pretend you are here.

C7                   F                          C
Can you send me your kisses? I still feel their touch.
              D7                   G7  G G7
I need you so badly, I miss you so much.

G7          C                        Dm7
My days are lonely, my nights are so blue.
G            G7                      C   F C
Send me some lovin', I'm waiting for you.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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