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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 12:45:26 -0700
From: Collins Crapo 
Subject: .../c/cooke_sam/twistin_the_night_away.crd

written and performed by Sam Cooke
tab transcribed by Collins Crapo 

A / / / 2 / / / 3 / / / 4 / / / 5
Let me tell you 'bout a place
   Somewhere on New York Way
 Where the people are so gay
E7                  A
Twistin' the night away
Here they have a lot of fun
   Puttin' supper on the run
 Here you find the old and young
E7                  A
Twistin' the night away

Twistin', twistin', everybody's doin' great
        D                   E7                  A
They're twistin', twistin', twistin' the night away

Verse 2:
Here's a man in evening clothes
How he got here, I don't know, but
Man, you oughta see him go
Twistin' the night away
He's dancin' with a chick in slacks
She's a-movin' up and back
Oh man, there ain't nothin' like
Twistin' the night away


Bridge (same pattern as verses):
Lean fore!  Lean back!
Lean fore!  Lean back!
Watusi!  Now fly!  Now twist!
Yeah, twistin' the night away

Verse 3:
Here's a fella in blue jeans
Dancin' with an older queen
Who's wearin' diamond rings
Twistin' the night away
Man, you oughta see her go
Twistin' to the rock and roll
Here you find the young and old
Twistin' the night away

(repeat bridge and fade)
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