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(First tymr kong gumawa d2 kaya pki rate nlng)
(Verse I)
A                     E                  D--
There is nothing more complicated than love.
A                    E         D--
Denial is a game we shoudn't play
A                         E             D--
It's hard for me when im trying to forget...

Is what we had something that i should regret?...
A                    E        D---
Feelings that won't just go away.......

A E D---
Cause ive fallen in love 4x
With you

(Ganun din Yan katulad nung verse I)
Denial is a game we shouldnt play
Accept the truth and hope the pain goes away
I know this pain is so hard to bear 
But i can make it through...i know i can....
Love makes me deny what i feel deep down inside... 

E2 para sa mga fans ni Papa Sam.....
Para to kay Cie*** kac na iinlove na ako sa kanya!!!AzaR!!
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