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    I Like It

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    I Like It

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I Like It Chords by Sammie

Title:I Like It
Submitted by:Cole Bennett

The Whole Song Is Mainly Chords: D, A, Em, G

D        xx0232
A        x02220
Em       022000
G        320001


D            A        Em     G      D           A       Em      G
  I like the way you look at me.      I like the time we spend baby.

D             A       Em      G       D          A       Em            G
  I like what we have grown to be.    I like it girl.   dont you know i like it.

Thats about it through out the song if you have any suggestions plz e-mail
me at cole_daddy777@hotmail.com  and visit my website at www.angelfire.com/myband/coledaddy!!!
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