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Both Sides Now Chords by Sammy Hagar

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From:   5150 Time [mlpippen@indiana.edu]
Sent:   Wednesday, December 24, 1997 2:15 AM

Song:   Both Sides Now
Artist: Sammy Hagar and Jesse Harms
Tabbed by Matt Pippenger, the biggest red rocker fan in Indiana!!
This is the 7th track off Sammy's latest (and best) solo effort, "Marching
to Mars".  This is a great album, and Sam proves that life after VH is not
impossible, although he will be greatly missed.  Anyway, this is a really
easy and fun song to play, just tune down a 1/2 step and get ready.  Here

Intro riff (strumming):

Asus2  A  Asus2 A Asus, A Asus2 A (all x2)
(listen to CD for strumming pattern)

Well there's another side to everything
    D                               Intro riff x 2
connected like the ring around your finger
and I know this like I know myself
    D                       Intro riff x 2
not very well yet I'm no stranger

but it won't be long
      D     G          Intro riff x 2
cause I see Both Sides Now

Verse 2:

When nothin's gained then something's lost
    D                                Intro riff x 2
pay half the price at twice...the cost
we're crystalized we stand alone
     D                      Intro riff x 2
conviction holds like a stone



                              G (I like to slap here) D
Yeah we gotta learn how to listen
                      D (slap) A
before we learn to talk
                      G (slap) D
we gotta learn to crawl
                      D (slap) A
before we learn to walk
                      G (slap) D
and if you want a little peace
                      D (slap) A
sometimes you gotta fight
                      G           D                           Intro x 2
we gotta walk through darkness, alone, before we stand in the light

oh yeah


Verse 3:

We're always somewhere in between
   D                           Intro riff x 2
we never taste the sweet...extreme
and we're crystalized we stand alone
     D                         Intro riff x 2
conviction holds us like a stone


-Way to go Sammy, another great song.  Keep on rockin!
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