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    Morning Sorrow

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Morning Sorrow Chords by Saosin

Morning Sorrow by: Miraculous

  D              A
Twas but a cold and lonesome night,
 G             C
when I finally realized. . . 
  D                A                   
realized that the only true love in my life,
  G       A          G        A
desires not me . . . no, . . not me. . 
B     A         G
yes, of course not me,
B           A         G
but yearns for my own flesh and blood.
B     A              G     -     G  
Yes, the very blood that runs through my veins,
D      A      G       D
pulses through hers as well.

E   D    A
Can she not see . . . 
B/Bm     A     G     A      
what she is doing to me?
E   D    A
Can she not see. . .
B/Bm     A      G    A
the streaks these tears leave?
E    D    A
Does she not care?
B/Bm     A       G     A
That tommorow I may not be there,
G         A      B/Bm           A
be there to have my feelings hurt anymore;
B/Bm    A            G       A
or to have my heart crushed once more.

E     D     A
So as I end this. . .
B/Bm       A      
full of thoughts of her;
 G           A    
and him full of thoughts of her.
E       D      A
I plunge this very pen,
B/Bm        A
into the hollow emptiness. . . 
G         A           G              A   -    A
where my heart . . . once lay . . .  in sadness 

hi! po sa mga kaibigan at BANDA( banda rito at doon) q T_T... pls. still keep on rock'n on

"Sorrows may live but tommorrow will not last another day"
~kuLetOgZz*... BSCS 3-4 PUP Student: Jaypee janap

p-add po sa friendster...
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