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A Real Fine Place To Start Chords by Sara Evans

Intro: G  C  am  G

Verse 1
I'm gonna do it darling

D                                      am
I could waste time trying to figure it out

But I'm jumping anyhow

I've never been this far

D                             am
Didn't know love could run so deep

Didn't know I'd lose this much sleep

G                 D
Holding you close chasing that moon

am                 C                     G
Spending all night learning just who you are

D                    am    C
Sparks flying in the dark

G                    D
Shooting out lights, running down dreams

am           C                G
Figuring out what love really means

     D             am         C                  G
Baby giving you my heart is a real fine place to start

Verse 2
Something is going on 

D                              am
I can't explain but I sure can touch

It's calling both of us

Stronger than any fear or doubt

D                          am
It's changing everything I see

It's changing you it's changing me

(repeat chorus)

D                                  bm
Right here right now's the perfect spot

The perfect time

D                            am      C       G   D   am
The perfect moment when your skin is next to mine

(repeat chorus)
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