• Song:


  • Artist:

    Saves The Day

  • Album:

    Can't Slow Down

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Am                      G                    F                F
So now I've made the decision to walk behind you in the dark for the rest of my

Am            G             F                                F
life and I'll never show my face again because it's too scarred and bloody to be enough and I

Am         G         F         F
don't have the right stuff- all I have

Am       G     F
are the empty boxes to carry away your

Dm                     F
heart and I think that tonight I will sneak into your

C                             G
house and I'll sing songs and wake you up

         Am                   F
and I'll take you blindfolded dancing onto bridges and you'll

(play 1 stroke of c for 4/4, same goes for next cord G)

say you don't to be with me

(Sing "no one" after 3/8 of G)
G                       F
---no one ever does and no one ever thinks of me that way

Am                                    F
but I will even drive you home if you never let me forget about you

C          G                   Am
and if you promise me that I'm good enough for someone

'cause I've got to be

Am    G         F       F
good enough for you and someday soon

Am      G      F        F
---I'll get it right then you'll see-eee

Am   G        F
just how good I can be so

Am                                 Em                    F             C
don't ask me about forever because right now I'm feeling lost, loo-oo-ooost

    C      F     Am    G

(sing "sooo" on 3/4)
C              F             Am              G
------soooooooooooo  there's got to be some place for me because

(sing "If" on 2/8)
C              F                Am                                  G
if there isn't where will I go? Will there be some place for me and will you be there wai-ti...

C         F   Am                G
iiiii-ii-ing, Will you be there waiting for me?

C    F---------Am--------- |         G
-------------------------- |  when we get there please catch me

C    F        Am                 G
           before I crawl all the way home

C    F          Am                G
     Catch me!        Before I crawl all the way...

   C       F          Am                G
...home,   Catch me!                    Catch me!!!eeeeeeee....

   C       F          Am                G
...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...  Crawl all the way hoo-ooo-ooo...

   C       F        Am                 G
...oo-om               Crawl all the way hooooome!

 F      F      F      F    C - C
 but I won't stop   'til - you do.
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