Scissor Sisters - Sex and Violence (acoustic ver)
Tab was transcribed from acoustic live perfomance in Kyiv

(orig. key C minor)
Tuning - Standard

Cm           Bb             Gm              Fm
Oh, I need a witness to see the mess I've made
Cm           Bb             Gm
There's a broken lampshade, ashtrays, burnt floors, beds unmade
Cm           Bb             Gm              Fm
Eyes sleeping if you are dream, dream of what I'm doing
Cm           Bb             Gm
To you, undo you, I'm through with you until I need a round of
Ab          Bb           Cm                Gm/Fm*
Everytime I spend myself it never runs too low, woah
Ab             Bb
I can't escape my need for

Sex and violence
Bb                       Ab
Never meant you see them hand in hand
One is with the other
Cm                   Bb
The softest touches, deeper than the ocean
Ab                    Gm
Give it to me faster, feel it, feel it
Sex and violence
Bb                    Ab
Who is gonna make you cry?
(Sex and violence)

Oh, I was a real man stealing all the trade
I was strong and self-made, well-paid, so groomed, persuasive
You were walking home that night, too kind to be illusive
Where do you live? What do you give? Who are you with?
And how you getting home?
Does everybody know right now exactly where you are? Woah
Step inside's a step too far but

Sex and violence
Hit me with a lover, burns so bright
And one is just the other
Sweetest tastes, never gonna leave you
Even when it hurts you, breathe it, breathe it

Violence, violence

* Gm/Fm (plays like bridge with one part of Gm and second part of Fm on 8th fret), you 
can skip easily and left only Cm chord whole step.
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