• Song:

    Brake Lights

  • Artist:

    Scott Copeland

G5                     D5 
Called you up said we needed to talk 
C5               D5 
Put on my coat, we went for a walk 
G5                       D5 
Down by the lake and we sat on the dock 
C5                 D5 
I told you that I knew where you had been that day 
G5                        D5 
A couple of drinks after work with some friends 
C5                 D5 
You lied when you told me where you'd been 
G5                        D5 
And this is where you're partyins' gonna end 
C5                     D5                       G5 
I hope you believe me when I take the time to say 

It was a one night stand that tore us apart 
C5                  D5 
You walked away as you broke my heart 
G5                    D5 
Alone I stood in the parkin lot 
C5                       D5 
I never will forget the brake lights as you drove away 
A few weeks later in my parents driveway 
You screamed all you needed to say 
I softly whispered we will be ok 
i never will forget the last tears I walked away 
And I wanted you to know that I've found someone else 
I finally took your picture off of the shelf 
I got tired of havin sex by myself 
I hope you find what makes you happy someday 
Now she don't know that I took all the blame 
She closes her eyes and whispers my name 
And nothin will ever be the same 
I know who I am and you're the one that made me this way 
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