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Key: D

Verse 1:
D                      A
Some people tell me that I look kind of funny
D                   A                         
My nose is red and the braces didn't work at all
D                         A
They say the clothes I wear are all out of fashion
D                        A
I don't fit in and should be shopping at a different mall
G                A             D                         G
I studied classical piano when I could've been playing guitar
G                  A              D                    G
I used to drive an El Camino and I'm not even sure it's a car

D              A
I'm not cool but that's okay
G            D
My God loves me anyway
G             D
I'm not cool but that's alright
G         Em          A           
I'm still precious in His sight
D              A
I'm not cool but I don't care
G                D
How I'm supposed to do my hair
G              D
I'm not cool but that's okay
G      Em              D
My God loves me anyway

Verse 2 (Same as verse 1):

It doesn't matter if I know all the lingo

He dosen't mind if I'm not hanging with a certain crowd

Some people still believe in building image

But I am fine and that's a worry I can do without

I used to wish I was athletic but football was never my game

I met some friends in mathematics but no one can spell my last name


G                   Em
He says that I am one of a kind
G                          Em            A
And I don't have to try to be somebody else
G                      Em                G         A
He believes in me and says I'm free to be myself
G          A
I can be myself
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