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capo 1

Em on the 7th fret
C on the 8th tret

hammer on the G string 2nd fret and the B string 1st fret

    A5                                               F5
See the sign up ahead it calls out your name, its a meaningful sign but it
  A5      G5
makes no sense.
 A5                                               F5
Saw you pass on through with only one shoe and a mystified mind with an
 A5         G5
angel for a guide.
 A5                                                F5
There's a destiny song that's meant for me but I'm weary of the soles of my
  A5      G5
innocent feet.
  A5                                             F5
Like a single site you know it;s all you got, so be sure to aim true with 
    A5          G5       
your eyes on full view.
                       E5                               C5
There's nobody you can accuse, the mirror reflects upon truth and from 
inside I feel bruised.
                         E5                             C5
The mask that I wear is unsure, unable to find a known cure so I hide for 
       A5                                               F5
I'm a passing stranger with a name i can't remember I am going blind from 
    A5         G5
the dust in my eyes.
        A5                                         F5
but the ground back home seems so far away and I'm coughing up my lungs, but I
   A5             G5
I know I've gotta stay.
  A5                                      F5              A5     G5
I'm mving slow wiht nowhere to go its on the sign with one mle to dine.
...........and so on!!!!

                           E5                              C5
the coffee you poured me is cold, the paper I;, reading is old and that 
smile is not your own
...............and so on!!

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