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      1. capo 4th fret
      2. it looks like Scott never lifts his index finger off the B string 
      3. Scott adds a lot of fanciness, only some of which i've tried to capture
      4. this is my first tab and i'm pretty much a beginner

Verse fanciness:

        Am        C       G       Am

e | ------------------------3------------------ | 
B | ------1-0h1-----1-------1--------1--------- | 
G | ------2--------------------------2--------- | 
D | ------2---------2--------0h2-2---2--------- | 
A | ------------0-2-3-------2------2----------- | 
E | -0-3--------------------3----------0h3----- | 

Am C G Am x2 then G Am

Chorus fanciness:

    C         Am      G         Am

e | --------------------3----------------- | 
B | --1---------1-------1---------1------- | 
G | ------------2-----------------2------- | 
D | ------------2---------0h2-2---2------- | 
A | --2-0h2---2---------2-------2--------- | 
E | --3-----------0-3---3-----------0-3--- | 

C5 A5 G5 A5 x2 then G5 A5

verse 1:
       A5             C5
on the road to spotsylvania
    G5                 A5
the sky grew dark and mean
          A5                C5
when they placed you in the lineup?
              G5              A5
you could not see a god damn thing
       G5                     A5
but it smelled like it might rain

C5                             A5
and the rain, it should bring life boys
      G5                A5
or at least a brief respite
             C5                 A5
well you can rest and wait for night boys
    G5                A5
but keep your powder dry 
       G5                   A5
or the rain will take your life

verse 2:
but through the tress i heard them coming
by the clank of their canteens
but since the rain softened the drum heads
you could hear the orders screamed
there they are boys make 'em bleed

verse 3:
well i took aim but at one really 
but just a shape that caught my eye
and each time i pulled the trigger 
there was no kick she did not fire
i did not keep my powder dry

and the rain...

verse 4:
we had never been so close as 
to look them in the eye
some threw rocks and cursed the devil
while we waited there to die
me i pissed myself and cried

that the rain....
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