• Song:

    Holiness (take My Life)

  • Artist:

    Scott Underwood

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D     G             A 
Holiness, holiness 
               G        ( Gm ) D 
Is what I long for 
       G                    Asus 
Holiness is what I need. 
D     G            A 
Holiness, holiness 
                    G               D  ( Gm ? D ) 
Is what you want from me. 

                    D    G       A         G 
So take my heart   and form it, 
                  D  G        A        G 
Take my mind, transform it, 
                D  G       A   
Take my will, conform it, 
             Gm            Bm      A 
To Yours,   to Yours,   O Lord. 

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