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Transcribed by Jon Malmin
Tuning: Standard

An easy song, which is ideal for playing with distortion. Listen to the song
to get your timing exactly right.

Intro: G5

C5             F5
Deep into my tears
C5               F5
Hold me under drownin' in despair
         F5        C5
So many years... only place to hide
                 D5                 Bb5   G5
Where she could fly, never in the sky

            C5        F5
And I would not hesitate
    C5               F5
To tell the story of her fate
C5       F5           C5           F5
In a storm was she dead or disappeared?
            D5                  Bb5     G5  
Or did she fly, never said goodbye? 

Solo/mid-section chords:
E5  G5  E5  G5  

D/D5  A/A5  

E5  G5

C5                      F5
Leaves have turned to gold
      C5                  F5              C5
And all the trees have fallen to the ground
          F5       C5            F5
I can't explain, all along I knew
                D5                      Bb5    G5
That she would fly, but I think she's died...
    E5    G5         D5
Goodbye, yeah, goodbye...
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