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    Screeching Weasel

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transcribed by Mike Ripplinger 

* sl. = slide
* Lyrics are my best guess, as a sheet isn't included with the album.


Lead riff A

[C / D / G / G / C / D / G / D] x2 (with lead riff A)
[F# sl. G / F# sl. G / C# sl. D]

G             C              D       C
If you need a place to stay, welcome to the punkhouse
G            C           D      C
It's a party every night living in a punkhouse
       D         G       D           C
Stay a while and sit and smoke a cigarette
     D     G
Well la la la
                         C         D           C
There's always something happening when you're in the punkhouse
G                C                 D          C
Take a leave and took a beer (???) are always in the punkhouse
            D                  G              D              C
Jump up and down, dance on the couch, stuff a potato in your mouth
Well la la
A                            C                             G
Life goes by way too fast to spend it working for somebody else
It don't make any sense
A                                 C
If you like it here why don't you stay?
Don't wanna work?  Well that's okay
                                A          D
Cause no one else here wants to get a real job
[C / D / G / G / C / D / G / D] x2 (with lead riff A)
[F# sl. G / F# sl. G / C# sl. D]

G                  C            D        C
Come on down, hang out with us, hang out at a punkhouse
G                  C                   D              C
Don't mind all the filth and grime and mud cause it's just a punkhouse
       D             G                D              C
Steady stains on the walls and creepy insects in the halls
      D      G
We'll have a ball
C              D               G             D             C
Young ones are poor and having fun and we're never growing up
      D       G
Never growing up

[G / C / D] Repeat this progression till end, with lead riff B and "never
growing up"s.

Lead riff B
   G    C    D (on rhytm guitar)
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