• Song:

    The Last Janelle

  • Artist:

    Screeching Weasel

  • Album:

    Major Label Debut EP

D5                                 G5
you dopes are all the same and that's why i'm so ashamed
        E5                                     G5           A5
to be a part of what might be called the punk rock community
                D5                             G5
you take things way too seriously or else you take them too lightly
          E5                        G5                A5
post messages on aol but don't you dare fuck with janelle
           G5                                  D5
she's everything that you're not, she's not a girl, she is a thought
she's an idea or an ideal that you won't
ever get so go play with your make believe internet friends
      D5                           G5
she's on a greyhound bus, i ate a hairy coconut
          E5                          G5                 A5
i think I might have diverticulitis, is there too much beer inside us
D5                        G5
ugly riot girls saying i don't know shit - it hurts
            E5                            G5             A5
to know you care enough to send the very shittiest, so gentlemen
    G5                      D5
and ladies have a seat and allow me to repeat
that your stupid on-line world and your
stupid comments may well be justification for a beating
G5               D5
   where applicable
    A5           D5
not valid in vermont
G5                 D5
void where prohibited
    A5     G5               D5
and shut     your fucking mouth
      G5            D5
don't go to easter isle
    A5       D5
and overpopulate
       G5                       D5
you'll destroy god's spaceship earth
A5       G5         D5
dilute    dilute o.k.
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