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Owl Waltz :
Chords: C?G?F?Am - G

Awesome song by Seabear, hasn't been tabbed, so i thought i'd do one. 

strumming: Down, down up down up. 
Should be the same for each chord. 
The C chord usually starts on each line just before he starts singing. 

Enjoy and have fun playing :) 

C              G
It's hard to wake up 
      F          Am   G
When you're not sleeping
C             G        F        Am
It's hard to make it mean something 
G                          C
when it means nothing at all

           G         F
Hear her call, in vain
Am   G
C              G
I slept for a year 
    F        Am     G
Until I pulled your hair
C                  G
I fell down the stairs
F           Am         G
So glad, I found you there
C          G
Time to forget 
F             Am   G
your mistakes and regrets
F              G          F
Sometimes I swore your mind was?
worse than trap doors

G - F - Am - G - C - G - F - Am - G
And on long black nights
When my hope had died 
F             Am     G
You (were a friendly life)
So I let the werewolf fowl
G                 F
I let the lonely nights 
Am     G
(Happen by)
I put the down on you
Turned off my lantern 
F            Am       G
Then I (slept by your feet)
And when you come out
or you're somewhere in town 
F           Am      G
All will (drown in sound)
And no sleep, no light
G                F
No rapid type twister soared 
   Am     G
On the (frozen ground)
Let's get a hold of now
G         F
So many thoughts 
Am     G
(To dream about)
F              G           F                 G
Some nights I swear there was magic in the air

Repeat C - G - F - Am - G to the end.
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