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Verse Am's and Chorus A's are played as barre chords. And you just thrown a few D4
and Dsus2's in between the open D's.

A5                        D5         A5                         D5
Was a time when i looked up to you, hanging on the words you'd say
A5                         D5         F5     G5        A5
but all that just seems so long now, can't remember yesterday.
A5                        D5       A5                           D5
And you asked me for that reason, why'd you think i changed my mind
A5                       D5                   F5       G5       A5
staring you right in the face boy, won't you quit wasting my time.
G5             F5                      G5
Never felt so good, when there was a feeling,
      C5           G5     A5                   E5
oohhh time moves on anyway, something else i believe in.

           A5          D5              A5          D5
I'm moving on, moving on, i'm moving on, moving on
aaa yeeee

A5                     D5         A5                   D5
When they say you feel deserted, with no comfort of a friend
A5                          D5
well i'll say you'd have it coming, 
F5                    G5                A5
now this wounds just to big for me to mend.
A5                         D5      A5                    D5
And you say you're feeling sorry, but it's only for yourself
A5                     D5
cause you never really cared for me,
         F5        G5     A5
just for you and no one else 
E5                              G5
Time after time i would try to reach you, 
E5                               D5
always something standing in my way,
E5                            G5
clarity is something i can't teach you, 
       E5                                 G5
you've blown it all you've thrown it all away.
oooohhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh

           A5          D5              A5          D5
I'm moving on, moving on, i'm moving on, moving on,
           A5                    D5
i'm moving on yeaaahhhh, moving on,
         F5                 G5                 A5     
and it's much to late, for you and me to get along
     D5     A5    D5
get along, get along.
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