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E5      D5      A5      A5
E5      D5      A5      A5
.... (waterchild)

E-groove thing      (I'll call it E(g))

make a Em chord and hammer-on a G-note (6th string, third fret) with the
rhythm.  This is the only wierd part to the song.


E5            G5
I wake out of a whirlpool
and welocome to another day and then I feel better


Because you came and stayed I
almost threw my life away
          D5                   E(g)
thinking of what might be if I knew my destiny

A5      F#5

wanna feel better...

G5 , Ab5   A5
whoa oh I -  If I showed I love you angel...  D C7M E (repeat)

C5 (X32000)

Basically that's the whole song (or all the parts at least)  I dont have
time to type it up well because I have to go to class. (U of Guelph)
So If you have problems you can E-mail me because personally, I dont even
understand what I just typed.
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