• Song:

    Desert People

  • Artist:

    Seals And Croft

  • Album:

    Unborn Child

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Emaj9 Dmaj9 Emaj9 Dmaj9 Cmaj9

A/E(ix)   E6(ix)           B/E(vii)
Farther a-long we?ll under-stand
      D(v)                   Em7(vii) C(viii) Em7
We?re all just a part of the plan
D(v)           A(v)       B7sus        B7
The ?Sun of Re-ality? has dawned upon eternity


  Emaj9    Dmaj9       Emaj9
  Even the desert will bloom

  Even the desert will bloom

  Hurry, oh hurry, come soon
         Emaj9    Dmaj9       Cmaj9
  ?cause even the desert will bloom

A/E       E6               B/E
Farther a-long we?ll be at ease
      D                     Em7 C Em7
The world will be free from disease
D              A
The Most Great Peace will come
    B7sus            B7
and all mankind will live as one.

Then... (chorus)

B7M               G#m7                  C#m7                 F#7sus
So let your        ?sweet rain? fall on   me, for I am         dying

We?re desert        people and we?re in   pain but we?re still trying

We?ve been down for so long--We are       dry and we are       thirsty
       B7M            G#m7             C#m7         D#m7 Em7
So you see, the Rain we must have is the tears you shed long ago

A/E      E6                  B/E
Farther along we?ll find our way
      D                     Em7 C Em7
Through all of the darkness today
D            A         B7sus        B7
The Sun of Reality has dawned upon eternity
Now... (chorus)
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