• Song:

    Double Date

  • Artist:

    Sean Na Na

  • Album:

    LIVE [in Spaceland - Au...

Tabbed By: Long Tran 

Standard Tuning

The song is in the key of G

G - Bm - Em - C    
G - Bm - Em - Em X2

G           Bm
tonight all started
Em           C
 as a double date
G     Bm                 Em     
 an excuse to ignore the heat
G                Bm
on the ride back to her place
    Em                       C
her eyes sparkled with connection
G      Bm                    Em
 but i knew i wasn't getting nothing

G          Em
there goes the parking brake again 
Am                C
it's my last shot at rejection 
G          Em
so i tried for a kiss to no avail 
Am                        C
but at least i got what i expected

she just looked and said "honestly, 
you thought that you could get with me?"
G                                             D
i shrugged it off and let my eyes roll to the floor
"i'll find my own way to the door,
this is your last cue to get out of here"
G                               C
that didn't hurt cause i didn't hard

G   Bm      Em                C
     with a beer bottle in my hand
G  Bm              Em
 i tried to hail a cab 
G            Bm
the man said jump in 
Em      C
"my old friend" 
G          Bm          Em
 and i was headed home again 

the driver waits for a while 
he said with a smile
Am                                C 
i remember last time i came to st paul 
i picked up some drunken wrecks
who needed all one detest
Am                                        C
to check, if they got burned by backstage sex

the whole band, rode on one girl 
who left out a small detail 
G                                      D
that she got dosed and they were gonna burn like hell
i paid the man and step outside
into the downpour until he left me 
G                                  C
i meant to ask if the car had been sterilized

cause those are the thing most troublesome
hot days and wet nights following 
who was that girl backstage
is it the one that just denied me

G - Em - Am * - C
god i hope so     
oh god i hope so 
god i hope so 

*In this switch from Am to C the root note goes from A-B-C
so on the fourth beat of the Am play a C/B chord
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