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shake that thing miss
kana kana, shake that
thing miss anabella,
shake that thing yah
donna donna jodi and rebecca.

verse 1
Woman get busy, just shake that
booty nonstop when the beat drop
just keep swinging it get jiggy get 
cr*nked up percolate anything you
want to call it oscillate you
hip and don't take pity
me want fi see you get live'pon
the riddim weh me ride and me
lyrics a provide electricity
gal nobody can't tell you
nuttin' caw you done
know your destiny

Sexy ladies want par with us
in a the car with us them nah
war with us in a the club them
want to flex with us to get
next to us them cah vex with us
from the day me born jah ignite
me flame gal a call me name and
it is me fame it's all good girl
turn me on 'til a early morn'
let's get it on.... let's get
it on 'til a early morn'
girl it's all good just turn me on.

verse 2
Woman don't sweat it, don't
get agitate just gwaan rotate
caw anything you want you
know you must get it from
you name a mention don't 
ease the tension just run
the program gal gwaan pet it
just have a good time gal 
free up unu mind caw nobody
can dis you man won't let
it can you a the number 1 gal
wave you hand make them
see you wedding band.

chorus x1
verse1 x1
chorus x1
intro  x2
chorus x2
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