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Capo on the 3rd fret


youuuuwhoouu youuuwhoouu
Hold my hand... hold my hand...
Girl! You know I care
youuuuwhoouu youuuwhoouu...
Yo yo yo
Hold my hand...
Arite theeen...

So mek me tell you this...

  Em              C
Girl! you know I care
          G                     D                           
So if you eva seem to lose your way don't hav no fear
  Em        C             G                   D
Hold my hand, I'll be there girl you know I care girl
          Em            C
Cuz this love that we share
        G                     D                      Em
I will steer it inna di right direction, doan hav no fear
          C              G                  D          
Hold my hand, I'll be there girl you know I care girl
Cuz I care

[Verse 1]
Em C
 G D                           
All my love, all my heart
Well this is what you gettin girl from the start
I'm the one, on the drop
Me neva yet skip a beat, mek it fall apart
Sweet is love, but love is hard
Sometime you got to work on it, drive round di clock
Neva let it flop, neva let it stop
Give thanks for what we got
Me tell you this

[Verse 2]
Em C
 G D    
From we met, you know it's said
Right from the start girl cah you know we connect
So doan badda fret, doan badda worry yuh head
You doan kno Father God guide and protect
Simply meet ya our lovin check girl
You know the history don't you forget
And I would neva eva disrispect girl
I'll love you straight to my last breathe

[Verse 3]
Em C
 G D   
The lovin weh a we seek, me will tek you to the peak
Cah you kno seh dat my talk ain't cheap girl
So the vibe is eva sweet, everyday we meet
When it doan babygirl me want it repeat girl
Cyaan get enough me want it out leap
Any mountain me will climb it no matta how it steep girl
So why can't you see girl?! You kno seh my lovin run deep girl
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