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E----0-h-2--------------------- | 
B----------0-h-2--------0------ | 
G----------------0-h-1--------- | 
D------------------------------ | 
A------------------------------ | 
E--------------------------0~-- | 



To all those people living in their flats not so pristine

Who look up from the alleyways at skys that weve all seen

E5                                   B5
Well some I know they see it from a different point of view

B5                                                    E5
The red doors painted black the sky is grey not baby blue, so


A5                            E5
Lighten up, have a cup of my happy golden drink

     B5                                     E5
Itll taste strong to begin with, youll get used to it I think

Itll wash away your sorrows

Soak up your concerns

     B5                                B5      B5       E5
Only problems when you wake up, not a SINGLE TABLES  TURNED, but

B5               A5             E5
Its alright     its alright   its alright

At the start of the verse there's a little lick he plays over the E chord, I think it 
goes like this

E-----------------------------0~------0-3-3-3-0---0~-- | 
B-----------0-h-2-------0-h-2-------------------3----- | 
G----0-h-1--------0-h-1------------------------------- | 
D----------------------------------------------------- | 
A----------------------------------------------------- | 
E----------------------------------------------------- |
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