• Song:

    Broken Power

  • Artist:

    Secondhand Serenade

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I'm not too sure if this is it, but i really like this song so i sat down and tried to 
it out the best i could because all the tabs ive seen alrdy up...to me seem 
this is my first tab ever so dont get mad if it sucks...but i tried : )...

Here's the chords...listen to the song for the strumming pattern

x = muted string
0 = open



For the intro/verses its basically those 3 chords over and over again until you get to 
chorus it switches up a bit...



Once again listen to the song for the strumming pattern...its similar to the verses but 
just play each chord for double the length...


Next Comes the bridge which is similar to the rest of the song but he once again 
it up a little more....


Once again listen for the strumming pattern, he plays each chord similar, but for double 
length of the verses...

Well thats basically it, i did my best...i just started playing guitar recently so all 
amazing guitarists out there dont laugh at my inferior skills...but yea...Secondhand 
- Broken...
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